Tuesday, March 04, 1997 3:27 AM
Chip's Challenge msn

Hey, everybody! I got an amazing breakthrough on this level, and upped the top score by 19 seconds! (And i think there's another second or two to squeeze out yet...). Anyway, you know how you have to go though those six loop-de-loops over the ice to pick up the chips? Wrong!

You only need to make TWO of them. On the right side (for instance) go down the center of the three possible force fields to make your loop-de-loop. You will wind up landing on the chip square that is three force field tiles away from the area where you started. Instead of sliding down those force fields and making another pass over the ice, try doing a quick Up/Right. This should land you on the square immediately below the two side by side chips. Now, do D,R,L,D....D,R,D2,U2...L2,R,U2...this picks up the chips available from that pass and puts you back on the "two chip" island where you started. NOW, just hold down your left arrow key. You will jump over the force field and get the last chip on that side. Just start the other side from the center force field square as well, and essentially do a mirror image of the process.