Wednesday, August 07, 1996 9:19 PM
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Beginning... QUICKLY key one right and one down. Get the blue key, then go to the teleport entrance. The entrance is the third block down on the right side. Enter the teleport from the left. QUICKLY, go thru the blue door all the way to the top and right to get the chip, then QUICKLY return straight down and thru the teleport. Now, push the brown block down one. DON'T MAKE ANY WALLS! Get the red key at the top, being careful for the plane, and remembering not to make any walls. Return to the teleport and enter from the left. The frog creature will go thru the teleport. Now, go back thru the teleport. Use the red key to get the chip, then go to the bottom and push the brown block up to get the green key. Re-enter the teleport. Get the chips in the upper and lower right hand corners and the chip in the lower left hand corner. (IF THE FROG IS TRAPPED, BE CAREFULL NOT TO RELEASE IT!) Push the brown block all the way up, and you'll get the fireboots and can get the chip in the upper left hand corner. Re-enter the teleport (from the right, careful for the trap). CAREFULLY, go across the ice and get the chips and ice skates, BUT DON'T PRESS THE RED BUTTON!!! Now, enter the teleport from the left. Enter the teleport from the right, and go thru the other teleports from the direction Chip is facing, until you get to the room with the yellow key (about two or three times). Push the brown block up one, and go to the right. Get the bottom chip and then the top chip. Goto the second block from the top, BUT DO NOT PUSH THE BROWN BLOCK ON THE FAR RIGHT SIDE, THERE IS A BOMB UNDER IT!!! Go thru the second block from the top and push the brown block with the yellow key under it all the way down. Enter the teleport from the top. Now enter the teleport from the left, and release the tanks. Go thru the switch door on the bottom and to your right. Use your green key to open the door and go up to get the flippers. Go all the way down and enter the water to your right. Then, open the yellow door and go down. After getting the goal chip, go right.


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