Monday, August 05, 1996 2:13 PM
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RE:Level 121 "Perfect Match"

Thanks for responding to my post for help on level 121. However good news to follow. I just finished level 121 and wanted to pass on the good news and tell you how I did it because both you and Cristina were stuck.

Level 121 solved.......Move Chip left all the way around to brown block. Don't worry about crossing green button it makes no difference at this point.

Now you want to get rid of the fireball moving by on the top row. Using the standard Chips Challenge kick block and move back make that fireball hit block and it will go into water. Now the only two fire balls remaining are the two on the inside which switch the lower wall opening open and closed.

Don't cross the red button go back the other way until you are just at the left of the red button. Look down and see the Ice block just below chip and to the left? When the first fire ball is on that Ice block step on red button (fast). Now step off red switch to the left. This puts a matching fire ball on outer level. Ok now let the first fireball on inside pass but when the second fireball on the inside is on that ice block step on the red button again.(quickly) now don't step on the red button again.

You should have a perfect match which will keep the wall opening down at the bottom closed and will not allow the fireballs to go out. If it is locked open no problem....just go up and key on the green button on the left side to close it. Wait for fireballs in lower section to clear and descend down the channel to the exit.

John H

March, 1997
responding to usenet post

There are two solutions (that i know of) to this level.

The first, and by far the most elegant, is from LIMOJOHN@msn.com, which I'll paraphrase from his post of Monday, August 05, 1996 11:13 AM to the WEP Message BBS on msn: There is an inner and an outer "track" inside the enclosure (which Chip can't enter). There is one fireball on the outer track, and two fireballs on the inner track. Move Chip to the left (to avoid stepping on the red button) and all the way around until he is directly above the brown block. Use the standard "kick and step back" technique to push the brown block in front of the fireball which is traveling on the outer track. With the right timing, the fireball will be deflected into the water. This may take a few tries. When the fireball on the outer track is disposed of, move Chip to the right (again avoiding the red button) all the way around until he is just to the left of the red button. Now, you should be able to see a one-square patch of ice below and to the left of Chip. When the first fireball on the inner track crosses that ice patch, do a quick right/left on and off the red button. This creates a fireball in the outer track that matches the fireball on the inner track. Do the same thing for the second fireball on the inner track. If your timing was right, you should have two prefectly matched pairs of fireballs, two on the inner track and two on the outer track. These pairs will keep the wall block toggled shut, enabling you to get to the goal. To test this, move to the left, and all the way to the bottom until you can see the fireball cloning machine. If the wall block is either continually open or continually closed, you have been successful in creating your "perfect match." If it is continually "open," just go back to the green toggle button half way up the left hand wall and step on it, closing the wall. Then, wait for the remaining fireballs to clear out and make it safely home.

The other method of solving this level just takes brute force. Step Chip on and off the red button a few hundred (maybe a few thousand) times. You will eventually create enough fireballs to flood the enclosure. When all of the beartraps beneath the fireball cloner and all of the beartraps between the two rows of pink balls are filled will fireballs, no fireballs will be able to get through and set off the wall toggle. You can go to the bottom, toggle it closed (if it was frozen open) and get to the goal.

Have fun!