Sunday, January 21, 1996 2:35 PM
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G'day! A Chips Fanatic from Australia!

Start by going UP to the wall. Travel LEFT, but no further than level with the recessed wall gate - otherwise the 2nd monster falls in the water. You have to lead the monster out through the maze, without going in! Always use the 1st monster (the one you can see) as a guide to where the other one is, i.e. wait for it to stay level with you before changing direction.

Now, go back to the RIGHT, and then UP around the corner, hugging the wall. Go around the first little bump. When you get to the top of the dead end, wait for the monster to get level, then go DOWN again. Do not pass the bump this time. Wait for the monster, then go UP again, and change lanes one to the RIGHT. Wait at the top of the dead end. Go DOWN again, stopping at the lone block. Go UP, and change lanes one to the RIGHT. Stop at the block. Take 3 steps down, and if you hear the "POP" it means the 2nd monster made it through the maze and has hit the beartrap release button. You can collect your chips and head for home!

Glad I could help!