Monday, January 22, 1996 2:07 PM
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Push the Blocks into the water, but DON'T follow. This will trap the Kite between mud blocks - try to trap it in the centre, then it's easy to get past starting at one side or the other.

When you find the "stairs" - go down and get rid of the end block. (into the water). Then head back up and push each block DOWN, then head back up and push each block LEFT. Repeat....

After all the zig-zagging, (PS You don't need the last block - get the last two chips with one), go past the bee and skip sideways across the sidewalks. In the checkerboard, push everything DOWN or UP - no traps, but you need the chips that are under each one. Lots more sideways skipping over the sidewalks and ice, but it's pretty safe.

After the gate, take the third from the RIGHT option, otherwise you just have to retrace your steps.

More solutions to follow!

Monday, August 05, 1996 11:18 PM
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Hi Barbara. You said you were having problems with the force floors on this level. The one with the bombs at the bottom. Take the force floor to the the first set of chips on the left had side. Collect all of the chips, all the way down to the bottom, then go back up to the top (where the first chip was). Now, use your keyboard, and quickly press the right arrow key twice. Now you can collect the chips. Follow this step until you've collected all of the chips. To get through the "doorway", you have to click very fast. Good luck.

And, Good Gaming,