Michelle H. Terry
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This is a fun level. Here's my tip on doing it quickly.

Level 127: Skelzie

There are 12 "stations" on this level (eight of which you must teleport to). At the start step L then quickly follow the pink ball U through the teleport. (This is count 1). Keep going DUDUDU to count 7, pick up red key and keep going through the teleports DU two more times to count 9.

Then go LD and R (count 1) into the teleport and contiune LRLRLRL (8 counts).

Now go DRRU to the opposite of the teleport and go LRLRLRLR for 8 counts.

Now go to the bottom of the teleport and go UDUDUD for 6 counts.

Exit through the pop up wall and go to the upper right corner to pick up chip and blue key. Go to the lower left corner to pick up chip and yellow key. Go to the lower right corner to pick up chip and green key. Go to the upper left corner to pick up chip and step on green button.

Now go to the lower center station and go through teleports DUDUDU (6 counts) and exit!

Move quickly or the pink balls will get you. Don't travel to pick up the first 17 chips, you will automatically pick them up as you toggle LR or DU through the stations. I've been able to do this level in 64 seconds!

Michelle Terry

Ruben Spaans
Tuesday, April 14, 1998 1:19 PM

Another case for the madhouse!

453 seconds!!

The first solution I followed was quite similar to Michelle's tip above. However, instead of UDUDUD (6 moves) on line 6 above, I did in fact 14 moves, losing 1-2 seconds. Anyhow I got 451 seconds with that solution. When I realised I was doing too many moves, I cut down to 6 moves, thus achieving 452 seconds. My last enhancement was to change the order of doing the sideways teleport whizzing. In the start I go DUDUDUUDDU, picking up the red key. Then I go LD, and LRLRLRLR into the teleport. If I did the start very fast, I pass the ball in the first L move (it's to the left of me in the first room I teleport to). Now comes the different part. I go DL and then UDUDUD and enter the blob area, delaying the remaining chips in the teleport complex. I have 496 seconds left when passing the pop-up wall (it means you spend only 4-5 seconds here if you do it fast)! Do this area as normal. If you are playing for a good time, restart if the blobs interrupt you. When done, I enter the teleports and do DUDUDU, then I go RD and enter the teleports to get the last chips with LRLRLRLR and head for the exit! I should have recorded this game on video - it's a sight to see Chip moving so horribly fast in the teleports. When thinking back, I'm glad I didn't record it or else the men in the white coats would have evidence. I would have a hard time to equal this score again after a delay - as I had to play and play (and play...) in order to learn the exact moves. I did the up/down teleports with 2 hands - my left forefinger on UP and my right on DOWN. The sideways teleports were done with my right hand only.

Now I'm done with this level - I doubt it's possible to top this score. I'm off to play another teleport level before my "finger teleport mode" wears off...

Ruben Spaans