Saturday, March 15, 1997 3:56 PM
Chip's Challenge msn

Hi everyone! Got a new high score for level 128. 311 seconds. This one wasn't mapped, and i'm nearly done with a level map, and a solution map. The thing is, there's a lot more to this level than meets the eye. You need 182 chips to finish this level, and there are 186 chips out there. The question is, which are the optimum 4 to leave behind? I settled for leaving the chip between the bug and the glider rooms in the upper right hand corner, and leaving three chips in that room with the circling fireballs. But there are so many other possibilities! For instance, the paths in the upper left hand section (which contains 152 chips, by the way) are laid out in such a way that you have to do some backtracking...maybe it would be better to leave 4 chips alone somewhere up in this section? That's just logistics.

Let's talk mysteries. The toggle button beneath the pink ball clone machine next to the water makes pink balls from the clone machine next to the first yellow key. The toggle beneath the flippers near the start makes pink balls from the clone machine next to the water. The lower right toggle in the circling fireball room makes fireballs from the clone machine in the lowest left corner. The toggle beside the circling fireball room (two fire squares beneath the bug clone machine) makes fireballs for the circling fireball room. Now. That leaves only the toggle in the upper right hand corner of the circling fireball room to set off the bug clone machine, but...where are the bug clones? NOTHING seems to set off the bug clone machine. Mystery.


Ruben Spaans
Thursday, January 18, 1998 6:27 AM
email to Chip's site

I just managed to get 315 seconds. Here's the route: Go around and collect the flippers, step 3 times over the clone button until there are 3 balls stuck. Go right and collect the yellow key, go left again and down the yellow door. Collect the nearest chips and head for the fire and suction cup shoes, then go down and right to the ball. Then you must pause and wait for the ball to move left, then go down and enter the left way. Get the chips. go out the fireball area, get all chips, go down, go left and get the yellow key. Go right, 2 x up, left, get the key+chips, move the block up and get the flippers. If you were fast enough the ball will bounce back on the chip, enabling you to move with almost no pauses. Go down, 2 x left, 2 x down and left to get the yellow key. Wait for the fireballs to go away, then go right, up and get the nearest chip in the above room, then immediately go down again. Go to the ball room, go right and straight up to the area with lots of chips. You should have 356 time left when you are past the yellow doors. Then collect all the chips and enter the exit. I have even done a solution picture for this one, since the above walkthrough is hard to follow.

Ruben Spaans