Wednesday, September 04, 1996 8:36 PM
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re: 129 ... I go up and around, then clear about 3 - 4 tiles wide of space for the "planes" to move around. Then I go to the left and down to the right hand corner and then up. When it's safe, I go for the chips. It takes a little practice. But, only let the "planes" out from one spot. This gives you more control.

I sure other Chipsters do it differently. Let me know how you do. Good luck, David.


Sunday, July 13, 1997 10:39 PM
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Well, ladies and gents, it can be done #060g>

I too have achieve a 286 on level 129. [...] part of the trick is to come "around the bend" (the grey block wall) and to the last space of regular "sidewalk." Then go U2, D2, L2, U1...wait until the way is clear, then go L1, U1 and into the bee room. You will have to wait until the last bee clears out, but then you will just have time to collect the chips and head for home in the normal way. Good luck!

Alice The Scribe of the Tribe

Monday, July 14, 1997 2:28 PM
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Dear Kathy!

I too struggled with those angry bees till I modified the route just a bit.

Good Luck!

Maybelle msn Charter Chipster's Firestarter

Monday, July 14, 1997 6:42 PM
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Kathy, You will probably have the level done when you read this but if not...

Looks like you get to the safe area ok. From there just key 2L then fast to the bee room entrance. You want to enter the bee room as soon as you can just after the last bee in the "chorus line" (got to remember that one, cute) turns its back on you. Chase the little guy up the left wall take out the four chips. Now you just have [two] more chips to get. It is here that you may be running into a bee. (make sure the errant fellow has passed) then take the other chips and home. This should get you your 286.

Hope this helps a little.


Andrew Smith (HTML coder)
July 15, 1997

To do this level with a 286 time remaining:-

D6 L U L2 U R

wait here until there are no sharks coming at you from the left [296 on the counter]

Go into the bee hive, jumping in behind the last bee in the train,

...[You will need to have only one empty space between you and the bee, 2 spaces is one too many]

Now all you do is quickly pick up the chips and exit.