Kevin Gordon
Monday, November 03, 1997 4:53 PM

You've got a lot of sliding to do here. The 32 chips are arranged in a big circle of 16 around a smaller circle of 12 around the last 4 chips in a square in the center of the board. There are 3 chips which are "leaf nodes" (geek talk for: there's only one way in or out so you'll have to backtrack some). The rest are arranged so that you will not have to go back to the track around the outside of the ice until you are done collecting chips. That solves the problem of the bee. With luck, you won't even encounter the bee at all.

Start by going U3 to enter the ice. From here until we exit the ice, you need to wait until Chip is on or near the next chip pad before hitting the next key. Go RRL to the first detour. Then UD to get a chip. Now DU to the next detour and UULL to get the chips and return to the path. Proceed DLR, URR to the last detour. Go LLDR to return to the track. Now UD, LRDR, DD, UDUD, RUR, DL, L (*see note) to exit the ice. Then L2, D2 to the exit.

*Note: If you see the bee at the bottom before the last LEFT that exits the ice, just wait until it's off the screen by a step or two. It has 10 walking steps to the exit at that point, and you are 20 sliding steps away, which take the SAME amount of time.

Kevin Gordon

Scott Feeney
Thursday, February 19, 1998 5:47 PM
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If you're really stuck, here are the directions to go to start you off: U1 R2 U1 L2 R1 D1 U1 R2 L3 D1 R1 L1

--Scott Feeney