Tuesday, August 06, 1996 12:39 PM
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Draw the creature out from around the block and then have it follow you out of the chamber then you go up and the creature will go up too but into the ice field which there is no return, then you go back to the chamber for the block you need.

John H

Friday, August 16, 1996 11:49 PM
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Lvl. 132 ... The FROG MONSTER. The frog creature is trapped in there. What I did was step on the "dirt" in one of the four corners. Then, when it's safe, I'd step on the dirt next to it. Then, I'd get the monster in one the those four corners. i.e. Say you trap the monster in the upper left corner. I'd walk down the left side, level with the key. Then, with the monster still in the corner. I'd run across, get the key, and without ever stopping, get to the safe gravel. That's it.

Good luck,


Friday, September 20, 1996 2:43 AM
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I will go back and work it again, but this is what I basically did---

First, I went left and got the red key. Skip the bunch of blocks in the middle upper section---you don't need the bridge that you would build with them. Go on through the red door and move the blocks to get rid of the bombs and get the green key.

Next, since you didn't build the bridge, you should go down and go past the goal, being careful of the bees. To your left are two sections of water---go up to get the blocks to build the bridges over these. Once you build the longer one you can go up the ice and back around to the area where the monster is trapped and guarding the key. Get the key, then go down where the walkers are and get those chips. Watch the pink ball and use the controls to get past the walkers.

Then go back up and loop around on the ice. Build the last bridge, and get the frog monster out and over to ride the ice loop continuously while you get that last block for the bridge. Finally, go and get the last chips by looping around and around on the force floors and then go on up and into the goal.

Hope this helps---Did it mostly from memory (Heaven only knows how many times I did this one before I got it---usually building that unnecessary bridge in the second section every time!

You have such wonderful scores on the other levels---I may come to you for help on some of those that I can't figure out or remember!

Let me know if this helps---with my luck, you will pass me on this level too!