Kevin Gordon
Wednesday, October 22, 1997 5:45 PM

There are plenty of things to dislike about this level. The blobs move randomly, although they do seem to favor Chip. There is no time limit, and therefore no additional reward for all your hard work. But, if the designers are going to give us unlimited time, let's use it. Here goes.

The board is divided into 16 chambers. In each chamber you will find safe gravel and blobs. As you progress through the chambers (there is only ONE path to follow from chamber to chamber) you will find less and less gravel and more and more blobs. Not a good combination for Chip's longevity. However, if you are VERY patient, you can choose a good time to move from gravel to chip and back to gravel. Get all chips in each chamber before continuing to the next. The exit is in the last chamber. Near the end you may wait for one or two minutes before the blobs collect in an area away from Chip. It's worth the wait not to have to start over.

Another tip: You don't have to pick up chips as soon as you are next to them. Sometimes it is helpful to stand behind a chip as a shield before making a mad dash to snatch the chip and head for safety. Also, stand in the entrance to each room and survey it before entering. Know where the chips are, and where the doorway is. Pick a path through the gravel spots to each chip and out to the next room.

Kevin Gordon