Sunday, July 21, 1996 3:41 PM
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Christina C.

Have you figured this one out yet? You're at the right place to start building when you pick up that chip. Build all the way to the left. This will give you the space you need to continue. Now go back up and to your left and continue building down to the lower channel. Does that make sense? Have Fun!

Sunday, July 21, 1996 4:14 PM
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I concure with Maybelle, that is the way I did level 134, but there may be a way to build your turn around on the left side without building bridge all the way to the left. (it still hurts thinking about it, maybe thats why they call this level PAIN)....anyway however you do it you will build bridge on lower row from left to right to exit...you will see why you need the fire boot, your stomping around in the fire alot building your turn around.

Happy block pushing,

John H

Saturday, August 03, 1996 8:50 PM
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134 - step on the "dirt blocks" so the bee(s) can go thru first. Now you need to wait for the bee that left to come back. I wait on the top, left hand side, since the bee will enter on the right (where you stepped on the "dirt blocks". BUT, before you stay up there the bee has to of left, or you'll get run over. When the bee finally comes back, he'll move the other bee so you can get to the bottom row. Now both bees are "gone". Go and get the chip on the very bottom right hand side. Now it's timing. YOU ARE SAFE ON THE VERY BOTTOM RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THE MAZE UNTIL THE BEES COME BACK, BE FAST, BUT CAREFUL. Get the next chip after those bees leave the bottom row, then run to the safe spot (mentioned above), then do the same to get the other chips. When you reach the first block (above you), push it up to trap the 3 bees. For the second block (under you) on the bottom row, push it down (this way the bees will go into the water). Now grap the last 2 chips and go to the final block (above you) and push it up all the way to the top, and then all the way to the right. Now you go back to the left and down to the bottom row and go to the block. Push the block all the way up to the top and then all the way to the left. IF you've done everything right, none of the bees will of followed you, but this might take some practice. Be patient. Now, push the block down into the water. Now, this is the fun part. I had to get help for this part. If you need help after this, go to 7/20/96 (you'll see my name & this lvl #) & read the hints.