Thursday, July 18, 1996 1:37 AM
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Cristina C.,

Level 138 had me stuck for months!! Finally one day I just walked to the computer and DID IT!! My sub -concious mind must have been working on it--

Here's what you do --go to the room with all the blocks--push all the blocks above the teleport down but don't go through.--then push those below up.--then go thru each room and push the two blocks to the right of each teleport so you can't enter or exit from that direction-- when you get to the home base room, push those blocks through also. This is pretty close to what you do.

Hope it helps.

Sunday, August 25, 1996 5:05 PM
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[. . .]

Level 138 (this may not be the fastest way to get the level done but it will get it done for you.) Go to the chamber that has the blocks. Push blocks into teleport, some from the bottom and some from the top. No need to follow thru. Remember some from the top and some from the bottom. This will make it easier for you when you start to put them in position in the other chambers. Ok now don't push all blocks thru, leave two in the chamber where all the blocks were when you started. You should still be in that chamber with only two blocks left. Now put those two blocks in a row to the right of the teleport. Teleport,block,block. You are done in this chamber now to go to the next chamber teleport from the top or the bottom, it doesn't matter and you will go to the next chamber you need to work in. If there is more than two blocks in this next chamber just push all but two into teleport from the top or the bottom. I doesn't matter now. Ok? The two remaining blocks in this chamber put in a row to the right of teleport. Teleport,block,block. When you do this you are done in this chamber. Simple, right? Now exit this chamber by going into the teleporter from the top or the bottom. Do this in the next chambers, align two blocks and get rid of the rest by pushing them into the teleporter. There may be some chambers that don't even have a block in them or maybe just one. Don't worry, align block that is there next to teleporter. Only one chamber does not require any blocks. That is the exit chamber. If you have blocks in that chamber push them out from the top or the bottom of teleporter. Move from chamber to chamber aligning blocks to the right of teleporter by moving up and down thru teleporter. When you get the blocks in all the chambers (two blocks) lined up to the right of the teleporter go to the chamber which has the exit and enter the teleport from the left.....If you have the blocks in the other chambers lined up correctly (two together just right of the teleport) Chip will bypass the teleport and go into exit.

Sorry Kathy for the long winded post. This level is easier done than said.

I hope this will help you.

John H

Monday, August 26, 1996 1:39 AM
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Fellow Chip Persons,

A slight variation on Johns' approach may give you some welcome points! My score is 203. When in the block room, (I seem to land heading down) push all the blocks below the teleport up (being sure not to follow them through as John said). Now go up and push all the blocks above the teleport down. SAVE THE BLOCKS PARALLEL TO TELEPORT FOR LAST. Push them down a row and then push them up through the teleport. NOW "go west, young man" - in other words enter the teleport head on. You will first land in the exit square room . Push the two blocks through the teleport in the same manner as above. Then proceed exactly as John told you in the previous message.

It does sounds complicated, but the doing is easy !

BTW, this came to me in my sleep after weeks of unsuccessful attempts.