Kevin Gordon
Thursday, October 23, 1997 3:15 PM

Another pointless level. Why pointless? Because you get killed repeatedly trying to solve it and there is no time bonus to reward your effort. The basics here are: (1) You need to get ALL of the chips and (2) Don't get killed by the bouncing blue planets. Accomplish both of those goals and enter the exit and you will get the cherished 69,500 point level bonus.

Go across the top to the left and get those chips. Then clear the top right corner of all chips. Work down the right hand side of the board, across the bottom and up the left, again getting all the chips. Then come back down to the bottom and over to the center. Head up one of the two columns of chip sockets to either exit.

For those who view the solution map:

The lines are a suggested path for maximum efficiency. If you are about to get killed, feel free to deviate from this path for a moment before continuing (easier said than done!). The black lines indicate areas to clear quickly, while looking vigilantly for approaching planets. The red lines indicate areas to pause and clear quickly as the planet moves away from you on some longest available path. You may be tempted to run in long vertical lines coming down the right hand side. This is fine on the way down, but could get you killed moving up because you may not be able to react in time to dodge an approaching planet. The side-to-side pattern allows you to move efficiently while allowing maximum protection.

As you open each "planet chamber" be sure to move quickly. The side steps indicated in red should take you to a reasonably safe location. It is also possible to hide from planets by staying near the middle of corridors, as released planets must hit an object to change direction. They can still get you if they collide with one another, but hey, we're talking about increasing percentages here, not perfection!

Kevin Gordon