Sunday, August 04, 1996 11:35 PM
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I've GOT IT, Finally!!! Give yourself room to move around. Go after one chip at a time. And, be patient. The trick is to get the ugly bug to go around a small area. Then, it'll stay out of your way. I.E. The bug is going back and fourth on a single strip of "sidewalk" and there's dirt all around him. Well, leave one section of dirt on ither side of the bug, then build sidewalk around that. The bug 9 out of 10 times goes around and around. But, just in case, create a safe spot, where Chip can stand in the middle without being stepped on by the bug(s). Good luck, and I hope this helps.


Monday, August 26, 1996 8:20 PM
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Hi Kathi.

On Level 141.....believe it or not, this is one of my favorite levels. I've played it over and over, even though it is untimed, just for the fun of it. There are a couple of things that will make your life easier:

1. The first thing i do is to stomp down all the ground i can without letting any bugs out. This will give the loose ones somewhere to go without running over you. Make the "trail" as long as you can...so the first bugs you release will take the maximum time to circle the walls and get back to interfere with you.

2. Next, i pick a place where i can form a "chute." There are several places you can do this. What you want to do is to connect a few of the bug enclosures so they form a long path with a dead end. What happens is that as they go around and get into the chute, the bugs will start to cluster, giving you long open patches where you can work uninterupted. You will have to let a few bugs out to form the chute, but if you make your intial path long enough, you can usually get in and out of the chute before they get back to you.

3. Start letting the bugs out, always working on a bug patch that is parallel to your stomped down floor. Remember, these little guys follow rules, and they always have to turn the same way when you let them out. If the bug patch is straight up and down, for instance, you start at the bottom. When the bug is at the top, open up the bottom, and go straight up the right hand side, stomping down the dirt as you go. The bug will pass you harmlessly as it heads toward the bottom. What you want to do as you let each bug out is to connect his patch to the big open floor which you have alread stomped down.

When you finish this level, you will have stomped down almost the entire open floor, except for the chute you have formed. If you're like me, you might want to take out the chute too, just to see if you can. My goal in doing this level was to see if i could get all of the bugs marching along the perimeter, with no "spinners" in the middle. (You can usually avoid the spinners, if you get them) I've only managed it once, but that's the principle behind getting through this level.

I've won this level dozens of times, so I know it can be done once you get the knack. Good Luck!


Monitor Lizard
Thursday, July 31, 1997 12:06 PM
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G'day Bit Busters.

Just got around this level in record time, even though it's untimed.

Every bug will turn clockwise, to its right, if you give it somewhere to go.

Make a little 9 x 9 square track, with unstomped dirt in the centre, next to every bug. It's easy once you pay attention to which direction they are travelling when you open up their track. You then skip out of the way and they will happily circle the little dot of dirt in a clockwise motion, forever. They don't then even notice when you walk right next to them to make your way around the level. Give each one their own track and they'll never collide or change direction and try to follow you.

With a little observation it's easy to see how far apart to place each track to give yourself plenty of room, and you never have to cut across any bug's path.

Monitor Lizard

Brad McCleary
Sunday, December 28, 1997 8:07 PM
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Even though this level has no extra points for time, I have found a solution that gets the parameciums to circle tightly and then they can't get Chip. My wife timed me on my solution; it took 2 minutes and 30 seconds. This solution takes perfect timing and rhythm (I can't stress this enough). I have used a couple of abbreviations - P is paramecium. Here it is:

D3, L2, wait until P is heading left, follow P quickly to the left all the way to wall. Go R1, go up to get chip #1 (14 remain), go L1. This makes P go in clockwise circle and it can't get out.

Go L1, U6, wait for P to go up, go quickly up 2 past P, R1, D1, R1, D6, chip should be just to Chip's right. Get chip #2 (13 remain), R1, and just before P gets Chip, go D2, P circles (this is where it takes timing and rhythm, moving Chip just before the P gets him).

L2, U10, L2. Wait until P is heading right toward chip #3, go U3, R3, D1, chip should be on Chip's right. Get chip #3 (12 remain), go R1. Wait until P goes by, D2. P is circling.

L2, U6, L1, U1, chip #4 is above Chip. Get chip #4 (11 remain), go U1 when P is heading right. Go R2. P circling. U2, L2, U1, chip #5 is above Chip. Get Chip #5 (10 remain) U1. Just before P gets Chip go R2.

D2, R3, P is going up and down. When P is heading down, go $3. Just before P hits CHIP, D3. P is circling. As P is going down, go R3. Just befort P gets CHIP, go D2, get Chip #6 (9 left), R1, L2, U5, R1, chip #7 is below CHIP. Get Chip #7 (8 left), R5, U1, before P gets CHIP, go R3.

R3, U1, wait until P is going down, R3, D1, R1, chip #8. R1 to get Chip #8 (7 remain), R1, D3. P is circling.

D3, L2, U7, R1, wait for P to go right. Go R1. Just before P hits CHIP, go R3, D2, L5, D5, L1, as P goes right, go D1, R5, Chip #9 is just below CHIP. Get Chip #9 (6 remain), gu U1, wait for P, R2, D2.

L7, D3, L3, D1, Chip #10 is below CHIP. Wait for P to go right. Get Chip #10 (5 remain), U1, R3. P is circling.

D2, wait for P to go right, D1, U1. Wait until P almost gets CHIP, R3. P is circling.

D1, R2, Chip #11 is to right of CHIP. R1, L1, Chip #11 is yours (4 remain). Wait for P, U3.

R2, D4, L10, D2, L1. Waht for P to go right, D1, R4, Chip #12 below CHIPP. Get Chip #12 (3 remain).

D2, L6, D1, Chip #13 below CHIP. D1, U1, you've get Chip #13 (2 remain). Just beofre P gets CHIP, R5. P is circling.

D3, R2, D1, U1, R2. P is circling.

D1, R2, Chip #14 above CHIP. U1, D1, L1. You have Chip #14 (1 remains). Wait for p, just before it hits CHIP, U5, L14.

U4, Chip #15 above CHIP. Timing here, as everywhere, is CRUCIAL. Wait for both P's to hit chip #15 at same time and start moving away. Then U1, D5, you have Chip #15!

Beware, you must be quick now. These last two P's are on the loose and can catch you. Be quick AND careful. Work your way to the upper right hand corner where the exit it, careful to avoid P's you have already "trapped".

Good Luck...!

Brad McCleary

Scott Kippenbrock
Friday, April 10, 1998 10:46 PM
email to Chip's site

Hey, I've got a new waay to play level 141 (my Favorite!) The trick is to get the first few para's to go in a couter clockwise motion. After you get three or four, then go to the bottom ahead of them and go around the perimeter in a counter clockwise direction. You will soon see that there will be about 10 or fifteen following you. From then on. Let them out one at a time and they will get cought up in the train. I play it over and over like this to see if I can get them all to go around the perimeter (counter-clockwise) without leaving any in the middle. I've won over 50 times but still find new ways to play. My latest is to play as above but "not" pick up any chips until all the blocks are gone, all the para's are around the outside.

Try it, you'll like it