Saturday, August 10, 1996 3:19 AM
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START Go right then down. The first chip to take is four squares under the exit. Don't be tempted to take that first chip you see there on the right.

Go right and take chip.

Go up and to the left through the zig zag area cross ice and take chip.

Now D1 L1 D1

Go left and take chip.

Go left and down zig zag take chip.(careful don't block walk up the left side)

Go up and take chip (keep left)

Stay to the top and go right and take chip.

Go strait down and take chip.

Go down some more and take chip.

Now go left and up through the zig zag area. Cross ice and take the last chip!

You should be able to see the chip socket now. Procede to the chip socket and exit.

John H

Andrew Smith
Sunday, August 17, 1997 11:24 PM
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I thought it might help to be able to see all of this level at once, so here's a Smith Mini Map.

While there are innumerable ways [well at least 4] to solve it, it's not a timed level, so I mapped the route provided by LIMOJOHN in the preceding clue.