Saturday, September 07, 1996 1:18 AM
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Hi Kathy. I'm not sure what you're doing. I'll see if I can explain it ok. First I move the block to the right, level with the blue button. Then, I move a block right under the blue button. This blocks the fire in, but I'm sure you figured that out long ago. I assume this isn't the prob. Then, I build my little bridges down. 2 rows to the block, then 2 row across. I get all the chips and key. Then, I use the green key at top past the balls. Then, I build my bridge on the left side. Same thing as before. Then, I go thru the doors w/ my keys. Ob. I get the suction boots first, then the fire boots. Next, I move the block to get the key on the island, in "fireland". Then I go across to "zipland" and grap the goal chip, where the last block goes. I go back, push the block into the floor, run over there to meet it. Run across and that's it. The main thing to me, it try to be fearless, it squeezes more time out of the levels. Although, I die alot before I get the time I want. And, I do the same lvl for 1-2 hrs., sometimes more. What can I say, Chip consumes me. I even tape my soaps just so I can play Chip. Some might say I need help, but I'm content. I hope this helps, if not, let me know. Good luck, and let me know how you do.


Saturday, September 07, 1996 6:41 AM
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Hi Christina,

Thanks for the explanation of how you do 146. I just completed it with a score of 568! (I actually had 571 the game before, when I was zapped by a kite as I was entering the home block!) Your message really got me thinking since I build my bridges a completely different way..using 11 less blocks! I tried it your way..but didn't have any blocks left over for other stuff!

So, I went back to me bridges and realized two things.

1. I only needed the red key..and that was to be saved for the home stretch.

2. 2. I could pick up the fire boots with only one block..the one to the right and beneath it! That's where I picked up my time!

My method :

1. Enter right side and block off fire lemmers same way as you described.

2. Go after the suction boots by building a vertical path to the right of the ice path and force floor path. Use Ice slide to move blocks down more quickly.

3. Collect red key and chips from right side by building a horizontal bridge underneath the 3 grey blocks..in the same row as the chips. The suction boots allow you to do this..you push the block down 1 space lower than desired path, go to left (onto forcefloor), don, right and push block back up and over to the right. You don't need as many blocks as every other block is already there!

4. Next, Go to left side and gather all remaining chips. After opening the left side, and pushing that block down, I scurry back to right side and push one of the many remaining blocks there over to left side. This allows me to avoid dealing with the key & block above the pink balls.

5. Once you have all the chips, go back to the right side and walk down the path you made to the suction boots. Go left, crossing over the force field till you're just to the right of the brown tile on the left side. Get under the tile with the old 'slide & scoot down fast bit'. Push it up and it will slide onto force block that sends it left and creates your path to the fire boot. Pick up the fir boot.

6. Now..you're down under..and you still have your red key! Use Red Key to unlock the the appropriate lock under home block. (2nd from right if I remember correctly)

7. Go back & push tile onto force floor and follow it home! (Mind you don't get zapped by one of those rotten kites in your excitement!)

Sorry this took so long..not an easy one to explain. I figure, if you could get 546 the other way.. it boggles the mind to think what score you might come up with this way! Good luck!


Ruben Spaans
Thursday, January 18, 1998 6:27 AM
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Forget everything about clever block pushing. Do the right area first, push down the block, go directly to the green key and then block the fireballs. Then start to push the other blocks and form a 2-block wide path down, right, down to the chips+key. There will be 15 (or so) blocks remaining, and they will spell the word "14"(!). Go to the ball area, go up and get the yellow key, and push the downmost of the two blocks to the left. Go down again, enter the left area, push down the blocks via the ice slides to get the key and chips. There should be no blocks left except from the 4 stuck in the corner. The blue tank won't bother you because it's stationary on the left wall. Then go to the middle, go down, get the shoes, push block and get red key, open the red door leading to the exit, push the block and enter the exit! If you do this extremely fast you could end up 664 seconds, like I did. This level is quite fun, I have completed it 5-6 times (with scores of 638, 645, 653 and finally 664, and it's possible to squeeze even a few more seconds).

It's indeed a cakewalk :-)

Ruben Spaans

Ruben Spaans
Saturday, April 18, 1998 2:05 PM
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Push last block and get chip in right section: 888

[Push last block and get chip in] in left section: 715

Get suction boots: 705 (?)

After pushing blocks 1, 2 and 3 in the left section, enter the pink ball area and grab block 4. Then just take the shortest paths. (the order is not important)