Friday, July 12, 1996 4:10 PM
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To complete level 149 collect all the keys and go throught the teleport.

from where you end up you go to the island on the right. After a while you find out which blocks do not have fire underneath. You must then go up to the middle island and then up again to the top. Slide across the ice and push the far left block to the left and the end is under that block. HURRAY

Monday, July 29, 1996 3:02 AM
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Chips Challenge level 149 cheat..(use it only if your really stuck)

After chip goes thru teleport....

U1 R2 U3 D6 R2 U1 L1 D1 L1 U14 R1 U3 R2 L1 D6 L1 U5 L1 U1 R8 U1 R2 D1 R1 U4 D7 R2 U1 L1 D1 L1 U11 L4 U1 L1 END

Have fun and good luck,

John H

Chip fan
Monday, February 16, 1998 12:05 PM
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I figured out somethhing that might save a 2+ seconds on level 149 (SPECIAL): every time you go out to get another key in the VERY beginning, you go back to the "base" using that direction. For instance, when you get the yellow key, you go through the yellow door by moving left. When you get the next key, you immediately push left (the direction you used to get through the yellow door). I don't know if it's been figured out already or anything, but just so it might be useful: keep pushing the direction you came in from once you get on the ice. Got it?


--Chip fan...