There have always been a few Chip's Challenge fan sites for Microsoft's PC version of the game. The Chips Plus site, together with Richard Field's Chip's Challenge page, were probably the largest and earliest. But in the time since I made the original Chips Plus pages, there has been a virtual explosion of sites that analyze the game in all of it's aspects. They are not only detailed but well maintained. They take advantage of new technologies, like AVI files to illustrate Chip's daring winning moves and new venues, like Facebook. And they showcase something I only dreamed about when I first designed Chips Plus: new levels created by the fans! (Check out the Cool Tools page for special gear you'll need to experiment with these. Here are a few of the biggest and the best of the current Chips Plus fan sites. My apologies to the authors if I've missed any.

Atari Lynx page
Passwords and information for the Atari Lynx version of the game.

Chip's Challenge Corridor
A wonderful site created by Anders Kaseorge that offers animated solutions to all 149 levels of the original Chip's Challenge game and most of the CCLP2 levelset, plus a FAQ and a web interface to the annexcafe.chips.challenge newsgroup.

Chip's Challenge on Facebook
Like everybody else nowadays, Chip's got a Facebook page! (Actually, more than one.) As of this writing, though, there doesn't seem to be a way to join it, although you can "like" if it you want!

Chip's Challenge Wiki on Facebook
This Facebook, another extension of the ChipsWiki site, allows you to join.

Chip's Challenge on YouTube (ChipWiki)
HOw cool is this? Animated solutions for all of Chip's Challenge 1 levels, and a bunch of CCLP2 levels as well.

Here is a little (not really little, actually incrediably extensive) site that not only covers explanations, hints and strategies for Chip's Challenge Level 1 and 2 games but almost everything else you can think of relating to Chip's Challenge. I got distracted for a few hours there when all I wanted was the url so I could add it to this page. One thing I really love about this wiki is that it will define all the specialized terms that intense players have devised to describe the game, like boosting, and something called the Headbanger Rule. Try it. You'll like it! (The site, not necessarily the Headbanging.)

Mike L's Chip's Challenge Site
This is possibly the only link page you'll ever need. It's got way more links than my page, and is definately worth a visit! Don't forget to check out the "custom level sets" page here for lots of levels that aren't in the official sets.

Newsgroup - web interface
Hosted by Anders Kaseorg on his site Chip's Challenge Corridor, mentioned above. The main discussion set (of the two listed) is annexcafe.chips.challenge. If you'd rather use your newsreader, it's: news://news.annexcafe.com/annexcafe.chips.challenge

Richard Field's Chip's Challenge Page
I can't not put this link in. Richard Field (I believe) preceded even the Chip's Plus site as one of the first fan pages for the game. Like Chip's Pluss, it's slimmed down, and maintained for historical purposes, but it is indeed still there!

StrategyWiki Chip's Challenge
Here's another wiki that includes walkthroughs and general hints for both level sets of Chip's Challenge.

Wikipedia Chip's Challenge article
Just like a Facebook page, anyone who is anybody's got a Wikipedia page, and that includes Chip!

Yahoo! Groups - Chip's Challenge Resources
This is a group where members can uploate new fan-made levels for Chip's Challenge. Requires membership. Please note, it is NOT a discussion group. It is only for members to share new levels they have created.