Remember when all the coolest websites had black backgrounds and colored text that just about jumped off the page at you? And animated gifs? Consider this header to be a little homage to those more innocent times. The Chip's Plus site is one labor of love. Here's another:

Chip's Plus!

The Chip's Plus site was not the first Chip's Challenge fan site, but it was one of the earliest devoted to the Microsoft version of the game. I've been amazed and gratified by the number of people who've told me that Chip's Plus helped them complete the game or kept it interesting for them even after they had finished all the levels.

While I no longer have hundreds of hours to devote to the game and to site maintenance, I have been reluctant to remove the site completely from the internet. So, I've done some redesign and slimmed the original site down considerably while trying to retain the tips and maps that so many people say they've found so useful. And so, here you'll find....

Chip's Challenge

Welcome to the Chip's Challenge home page, a compilation of tips, tricks, maps and cheats to help you tap the secrets of each and every level of this great little game. The theme here is speed and high scores (they go hand in hand) but don't let that stop you if you're new to the game. Priorities, after all, are important. So...first finish all 149 levels (there's lots of help here for that too), and then come back again and again to test your mettle against some of the highest scoring Chip's players on the internet!

THE QUEST FOR 6,000,000. Is it an impossible dream, or just the most challenging challenge in a game filled with challenges? That's up to you.

MORE THAN A LITTLE HELP. The pages in this section are jam packed with general tips and helps on playing the game and achieving those high scores. Here's a hint: Read them in order, and you'll never bother with the password page.

MISCELLANY. For the insomniacs among us, here is a hodge podge of odd facts and miscellaneous items that don't easily fall into one of the other categories.