Almost since the day Microsoft abandoned this neat little game and refused to provide any new levels or updates, fans have been figuring out ways to stretch the fun. Here you will find tools that will let you play Chip's Challenge levels legally even if you can't find the original game. You'll find tools that will let you build your own levels. (Didn't you always know you could?) and places to get fan-created levels.

Chip Edit
The classic (and I think the original) Chip's Challenge editor. Let's you modify existing levels and build your own.

MapMaker Instructions and download
A cool program designed to create the base maps for all Chip's Challenge 1 levels. Can also be used for CCLP2 however the level titles will be wrong.

Tile World
This is your answer to the frustration of not being able to beg, borrow, or steal a copy of the original Chip's Challenge. It emulates the game rules of both the PC and the Atari version, but uses completely new graphics and sounds so as to avoid copyright issues. I highly recomend this and it's my favorite platform now, even though I actually have the original Chip's Challenge game.

Yahoo! Groups - Chip's Challenge Resources
This is a group where members can uploate new fan-made levels for Chip's Challenge. Requires membership. Please note, it is NOT a discussion group. It is only for members to share new levels they have created.