While not classed as remainder marks, other stamps and markings applied to the edges of books usually reduce the value not only by their presence but often by what they represent.

Used Book stamp.

It is common to find a "used" stamp on one or more page edges of text books that are sold back to campus bookstores. In addition to the stamp on the page edges, these books are often full of highlighting, underlining, and marginal notes made by their former student owners.

Library ownership stamps.

Libraries frequently mark not only the page edges of their books, but also many interior pages. See also Ex-Library Markings.

Not for resale stamps.

A NOT FOR RESALE stamp may be seen on remaindered books that have been distributed to schools, prisons or other institutions. This is generally thought to reduce the value of the book - although not quite as much as a library tamp.

On the other hand, review copies may also be marked NOT FOR RESALE. This is one of the few cases where a page edge marking does not necessarily reduce the value. Some collectors consider having a review copy, which is identical to the portions of the same printing offered for sale, to be a plus.

Also see Remainder Marks.