Each Order Gets My Personal Attention

MyWingsBooks is very low-tech, for an internet selling site. I use a PayPal shopping cart for credit card orders but I have no problem with other types of payment.

Just imagine that you've spent several happy hours browsing in an old bookshop with tomes up to the ceiling, and you've finally wandered over to the cash register with one or two special books in your hand. You lay them on the counter and chat with the bookseller a bit while he writes up a sales slip.

That's kind of how things at MyWingsBooks work. If you're interested in a book on this site, either add it to your shopping cart or click the ORDER BOOKS button. (If you're using the latest upgrade of the IE browser, you will have to hold Control while you click.) It will open a form in a new window. (That's so you can keep on browsing and look for more treasures, if you want.)

If you're using the ORDER BOOKS form, just cut and paste the title and inventory number of the book(s) you want, tell me how you would like to pay, and add your shipping information. Click the SUBMIT button, and we're on our way. I will presonally respond with the information you need to send your payment. We'll actually exchange (email) correspondence, in a high-tech tribute to a more easy-going and mannerly age, when people took the time to talk to each other.

And when you order using the PayPal shopping cart, be assured that the owner (that's me) will personally pull your book from the shelves, give it a final once-over to make sure the condition is just as described, and carefully pack and mail it.

I look forward to being of service.